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Apple "With all the buzz around thin clients, Microsoft execs are trying to find targets for thicker installations of Windows Vista. Maybe they should take a look at how Apple has executed on its thick computing strategy, and the resulting bonanza of upgrade sales."
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Are you talking about easily copying files from OS X to Windows, because using VMware on my computer I've worked out something you could try if you haven't thought of it already.

The gist of it is to have network file sharing (CIFS/samba) running on the guest and host OS, then share a folder on the host. The guest should be able to access that share if all was set up properly, thus making it easier to move files back and fourth.

Of course I have no experience with parallels, I don't even have a Mac so I can't tell you if it'll work or not in your case, all I can tell you is it works for me.

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