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Windows Vista has an inbuilt undelete system based on Windows Server 2003's versioning file system, Microsoft has revealed. The technology, which is automatically switched on in Vista, will be a boon for anyone who has accidentally overwritten their PhD thesis with a BPAY receipt.
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I think some people have completely and totally have misunderstood what I was saying. In NO WAY did I put Microsoft in a negative light here when it came to using the Recycle Bin. I was responding to the comment about Apple "stealing" the idea of Trash from Xerox. I merely said that Apple implemented the idea well before Microsoft did. I didn't even use the word "steal" anywhere in my comment.

The quote was from Windows USERS to Apple USERS. Not the companies themselves. I had heard this I don't know how many times and I wasn't even very old when I heard it.

In no way was my observation meant to be inflammatory, so why did I get modded down? And double standard? In what way is my comment a double standard?

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