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Windows Vista has an inbuilt undelete system based on Windows Server 2003's versioning file system, Microsoft has revealed. The technology, which is automatically switched on in Vista, will be a boon for anyone who has accidentally overwritten their PhD thesis with a BPAY receipt.
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RE: Move on to some new ideas...
by Shkaba on Mon 31st Jul 2006 15:13 UTC in reply to "Move on to some new ideas..."
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Really deep ... and mature! Just like any other 14 year old would post. What is so f-king (to use your language) cool about undelete? This article is not worth to be posted on OS news, it is just one of the typical marketing moves to keep the hype about viste going on. I am seick and tired of MS terminology and play of word that keeps showing up over and over and over .... MS lends itself to be disliked, by lying, cheeting, abusing its position and distributing an inferior product through unethical business practises. And then somebody posts about a GREAT "undelete" feature that is going to be included in vista. What news is this? To quote you:
ITS f--kING OLD!!!!

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