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GNU, GPL, Open Source The second draft of the GPL version 3 license is not even a few days old and already one of the largest Linux vendors in the world is taking issue with its content. "HP had hoped that the second draft would clarify the patent provision such as to ease concern that mere distribution of a single copy of GPL-licensed software might have significant adverse IP impact on a company," said Christine Martino, vice president of Open Source And Linux with HP, in a statement. "Unfortunately, the concern lingers in draft 2." The first draft included some contentious terms surrounding DRM and patents; those terms have softened a bit in the second draft. Apparently, not quite enough for HP.
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>> I want to use DRM in my system. If DRM is not allowed to be used in GPL3 software then users will be prevented from listening to most downloaded music files, HD Discs, Cable Card TV, etc.

Then again, it prevents companies from using (abusing) GPL3 software as a base to create something that aims to lock users into DRM.

Whether I agree or not, I think the ultimate goal of this position is to fight against the attempt from big companies to slowly build a culture where people truly believes that they don't own what they pay for, and that that is the natural/not-criminal order of life.

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