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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris The first beta version of Mandriva Linux 2007 has been released. Available in four differents flavours live/install CDs (KDE or GNOME, i586 or x86_64) or in a whole new dual architecture Installation DVD, get a glimpse of the next Mandriva Linux 2007 edition.
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RE[4]: -devel packages
by Celerate on Mon 31st Jul 2006 21:44 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: -devel packages"
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Even if her figure is accurate, which I will not dispute since I don't think anyone has ever seen real statistics, how do you know those supposed 50% aren't using the console because they're comfortable with it or preffer it. Ever consider that perhaps many of the people using Linux want to use it because of the powerful command line and cli tools?

Out of all the distributions I've used, Slackware, Gentoo and their kin were the only ones in which I had to use the command line. And if users are scared of the command line, there are distribution in which you never have to use it unless something drastic happens and their failsafe graphical rescue tools don't work or you want to use it.

Besides that what's so scarry about the command line, it's actually much easier than using the graphical user interface, most people are just too lazy to learn it.

As far as keeping score goes, not only were your grounds for it wrong, but it's also obviously inflamatory.

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