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SkyOS SkyOS Beta 8.5 has just been released. New features include the Indexing Service, an SQL based file attribute and content index service which makes it possible to find your files in a fraction of a second, better developer support, and a lot of bug fixes. NVU has also been ported and is available in this release. You can read the changelog here. Update: Screenshots gallery by OSDir.
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RE[3]: @ Youll
by Thom_Holwerda on Sun 7th Aug 2005 15:43 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: @ Youll"
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My name is Thom, with an H (*not* derived from Thomas-- it's just that-- Thom).

Anyway, these issues have been brought up to Robert numerous times. First only by minor individuals like me. Later on, a few months back now, a letter was sent to Robert & team, undersigned by almost every long-time SkyOS fan. In this letter we made a few proposals that could improve SkyOS' stability, development process, and more (we were begging for a feature freeze, for instance, something SkyOS needs imho, and in the opinion of other prominents too).

This letter was, for the most part, discarded, and of course Robert has every right to do that (it's his project, after all). That's why some of the undersigned basically left the community. Including me.

If you want to renew that effort, feel free to go to the SkyOS forums and post about it. I've stopped trying.

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