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Privacy, Security, Encryption Researchers from a little-known security software company named Sunbelt Software have seemingly uncovered a criminal identity theft ring of massive proportions. According to one of their employees, Alex Eckelberry, during the course of one of their recent investigations into a particular Spyware application - rumored to be called CoolWebSearch - they've discovered that the personal information of those "infected" was being captured and uploaded to a server.
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Linux virus..
by looncraz on Sun 7th Aug 2005 16:29 UTC
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Well, I just wrote a full fledged virus for linux. In about seven minutes.

It completely erases all data on your system by utilizing the IPC system, after killing off x.

Of course, you have to be running as root, which I will fix soon enough.

This is the first time I ever wrote anything for Linux, hope y'all enjoy it if I ever decide spread (which it has no mechanism for.. on purpose).

Of course, I could have always just made a script rm -rf /* & and let it run in the background, very quickly destroying everything you have, that I can access.

Problem is, if your not root when I do this, then after I trash everything I can, Linux will likely still start perfectly fine, albeit with one entire user's worth of data completely gone. And anything that the user has access to.

My next step is to hack my way into kernel space to get past the root password, make myself root, and wipe out everything nicely.

I also thought about a nice little porting (if even needed) of Haiku's File System (i.e.openBFS) and slime my way into RAM, force off your data from memory.. followed by ALL partitions on your hard drive, replacing it with one large Haiku FS partition with a nice little boot loader that simply tells you that you got screwed.

It is all open. AND, having access to the source code will just allow me to import globs of code, and alow me to link against, and merge into, the kernel 'live'. I have already done this with every version of BeOS, and also with Windows (the kernel-mode part) and OS/2 (which is far more secure than Linux appears to be). I doubt Linux could hold me out.

Of course, the years of O.S. programming experience sort of give me an advantage, sure. But I can always sell my talents.

Any offers? I will need about $40 million to start. Though if you want it on Windows.. well... we have enough crap slowing up my internet connection.

--The loon

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