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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu MEPIS, the popular Ubuntu-based Linux distributor, has finally released its distribution source code under the GPL. Warren Woodford, CEO, is not one bit pleased with being forced to do so. Woodford has long disagreed with some parts of the GPL. He recently ran into some trouble with its requirement that downstream distributors of GPL code are obligated to provide source code to users in an easily accessible format. Note: Starting today, Mepis stories will be posted in the Ubuntu category.
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The cost of freedom
by TechGeek on Wed 2nd Aug 2006 00:50 UTC
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Sometimes there are costs with freedom. Mepis was built on free software. With that comes an obligation to continue to make it free. Hence the source code. One thing no one has mentioned: How would you like someone mooching off you. Lets imagine you build a distro and then pay to host the source. You are doing your best to comply with the GPL. No some little squirt comes along, bases a distro off yours, and says if you want the source go HERE. Should you have to host the source for some other distro or should every distro have to host their own?

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