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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Palm on Friday warned investors that development delays by PalmSource on Palm's next operating system have hurt the hardware maker's ability to compete in the smartphone and PDA markets. PalmSource, Palm's spun-off software division, has also violated a royalties contract, Palm said in its annual report. Despite those potential hurdles, Palm says it is continuing to work with PalmSource to develop a new operating system featuring a Linux kernel, though no timetable has been set.
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Point is...
by capricorn_tm on Wed 2nd Aug 2006 06:07 UTC
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That palm did not propose any new model this year. It normally did so around March/ April but no, none this year.

I think it is a bad signal.

I do not know what to think of Access Palm Linux, not until it comes out from the vaporware stage and gives us a Beta that can be called that (and no, sdk does not count).

Point is that I do see little innovation ideas in this last stage of Palm's life. The last was switching from the 160x160 and multiples squared format to the virtual pad and 320x480 format.

Stability of Garnet is there, but the system is aging quicker than you'd expect. Plus add some nutty ideas in design, like the Life drive, that was a slow poke that has absolutely no sense to exist at all, seen that a month after the 4 gb sd card came out as promised six months before (and the price, even if high at the time, was still lower than a new Life drive).

I come back to it on and on. I'm happy with my T5, but I cannot help to think that the top productivity I ever had was with my Vx. Small, classy, black and white, a week without recharging, no frills, organized, compact to death and with apps that did what you asked them to do.

PDA are something that have to be rethought or abbandoned and smartphones won't do the trick at all. you'll fall always inbetween the necessity to have a larger screen than a phone and the need of small measurements of a phone.

Still waiting Palm.

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