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Gnome After all the debate, gtk# will most likely find its way into GNOME. "The release team has completed its second meeting to try to finish the new module decisions. And, after all the long threads on d-d-l and the many discussions amongst ourselves trying to determine community consensus, we finally have the decisions. In summary: orca, alacarte, and gnome-power-manager are in; gtk# and tomboy are in, assuming the issues mentioned are resolved; sticky notes becomes deprecated, assuming tomboy issues are resolved and gets in." Update: Elijah Newren emailed me concerning an important aspect of the current decision, and asked me to highlight it. So, read more!
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Gnome: Driven by Applications
by charlieg on Wed 2nd Aug 2006 09:57 UTC
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Gtk#/Gnome# inclusion was inevitable. It is a decision driven by the available applications.

Regardless of your stance on the ethics and legal ramifications of adopting Mono, it can not be denied that several best-in-class applications are emerging that are developed on Mono. They showcase Mono not just as a viable application development platform, but even moreso one that increases productivity and facilitates the creation of quality programs.

Look at Beagle, F-Spot, Banshee, Tomboy. Then there's the development environment MonoDevelop. People push Python but where are the showcase Gtk/Python applications? What RAD tools does Gtk/Python have?

Mono is based on ECMA standards, there is no legal ambiguity. There is nothing Microsoft can do to pull Mono down in a court of law, the lines are drawn and the law is clear. There is enough corporate push behind Mono to fend off any potential attrition lawsuits. So not only is Mono legally sound, it is also capable of defending itself.

At the end of the day users care about one thing; the programs they use. If users use Mono applications then including Gtk#/Mono as part of the Gnome desktop is the only logical direction. You can't ignore your users.

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