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Gnome After all the debate, gtk# will most likely find its way into GNOME. "The release team has completed its second meeting to try to finish the new module decisions. And, after all the long threads on d-d-l and the many discussions amongst ourselves trying to determine community consensus, we finally have the decisions. In summary: orca, alacarte, and gnome-power-manager are in; gtk# and tomboy are in, assuming the issues mentioned are resolved; sticky notes becomes deprecated, assuming tomboy issues are resolved and gets in." Update: Elijah Newren emailed me concerning an important aspect of the current decision, and asked me to highlight it. So, read more!
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RE[4]: Sticky Notes
by iiifrank on Wed 2nd Aug 2006 17:51 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Sticky Notes"
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"The whole Mono influence on Gnome is a proposal to include Tomboy."

Well, that's how it begins. I use f-spot and, occasionally, banshee, and am not anti-Mono by any means. As with many others, it would seem, I just do not feel that the Mono runtime has a place in the default gnome desktop. I also work with a number of Solaris systems and hope this does not have a negative effect on Sun's use of gnome as a desktop. If there was a more compelling application or reason I might have a change of mind. But including an entire runtime in order to support a little note taking app seems a tad excessive. shrug

More skilled writers with more insight into Gnome than I have better elaborated the problems so it's pointless for me to rehash them. In addition, your tone makes it clear that you've already made up your mind on the matter and are not open to other ideas.

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