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Mac OS X According to the guys at, some intrepid individuals have been able to get OS X running on generic hardware. There is a full explaination and some details on the site.
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by Thom_Holwerda on Sun 7th Aug 2005 17:32 UTC
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I must agree with the people saying that cracking OSX this way is simply illegal.

As someone rightfully pointed out, you *license* OSX, and you *agreed* to that license, like you would *agree* to a job contract. If that job contract tells you that you get payed a Christmas bonus, but then you don't get it because your employer thinks it's immoral, then you'd be up in arms, wouldn't you? What is different in Apple or any other company making sure you keep your end of the contract?

Secondly, a lot of these so-called "freedom" boys will be the first to squeal if someone violates the GPL-- don't you people understand that the GPL is in itself a license just like the license Apple is giving you? What gives you the right to break Apple's license on one side, and throw a fit when someone violates the GPL? That's blatant hippocracy! Someone care to elaborate?

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