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Linspire "It was reported this week that Novell has banned all proprietary software from their Linux offerings. To me, this would be a bit like McDonalds announcing it will adopt an Atkins-only menu, selling only healthy, low-carb salads, and dropping fries, shakes, and the Big Mac as we know it. It might be a noble thing for McDonalds to only sell healthy items, but they would likely see a big decrease in customers. Most consumers want more balance in their menu choices, not less. Limiting choice, especially the most popular ones, is usually a bad idea."
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Linspire FUD
by searly on Fri 4th Aug 2006 11:45 UTC
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Let's face it, it is nothing more than FUD from Kevin Carmony and Linspire about a competing Product. There are many very good and valid reasons, that all have been discussed to great length, why the drivers (i.e Kernel Modules) are not included on the install medium or the Novell servers (GPL compliance, support issues etc. etc.). It is only the proprietary drivers not proprietary software !!! I "love" these half truths with which people try to spread misinformation and uncertainty. Maybe Linspire should come up with a better product and play nicer with the opensource community than spreading FUD and marketing tosh.

"^ not good enough, half the reason i hate WinXP is that i have to spend the first 2 hours AFTER install making the damn thing usable, why would i want to go through this with SUSE too? "

WINDOWS does not ship proprietary drivers either (nor does any other OS as far as i know). With Windows you get the drivers on a CD from NVDIA when buying the Computer or graphics card, and if it is a good shop they will have them installed for you, however that is different to providing it with the OS.

You hardly need to spend two hours, in fact it is only a view clicks away installing the drivers and activating all the bling of XGL ... i really don't know what the fuss is about. Novell has done a great job ... they made the right decision and comply with the GPL, and made it very easy for users to install the proprietary drivers if they want to (as i said a few clicks is all it needs).

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