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Linspire "It was reported this week that Novell has banned all proprietary software from their Linux offerings. To me, this would be a bit like McDonalds announcing it will adopt an Atkins-only menu, selling only healthy, low-carb salads, and dropping fries, shakes, and the Big Mac as we know it. It might be a noble thing for McDonalds to only sell healthy items, but they would likely see a big decrease in customers. Most consumers want more balance in their menu choices, not less. Limiting choice, especially the most popular ones, is usually a bad idea."
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RE[4]: Rediculous
by Noremacam on Fri 4th Aug 2006 16:58 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Rediculous"
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If I required ADwarePlugin to view my site would you criticise me for requiring it or criticise your operating system for not providing it?

That's a very stupid analogy. Going by that idea, we should remove gif support from firefox because a lot of gifs are advertisements too. flash is used for far more things than advertisements.

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