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Linux The Ark Linux team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Ark Linux 2006.1 and Ark Linux Live 2006.1. This release adds KDE 3.5.4, X.Org 7.1.1, amaroK 1.4.1, and the new tool "rpmhandler", which makes installing third party packages easier.
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"OK, but if your aim is to create a distro for newbies, you don't put as *first* option in the installer to wipe your hard drive! That is a matter of plain common sense."

So is reading what your screen says before clicking the first button in front of you, especially when the choices are more than yes/no or ok/cancel. If you lost your files this way then I'm sorry for you, but if you had only read what the buttons said before clicking it wouldn't have happened. Anyone who clicks the first button they see without reading it has no one but themselves to blame.

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