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SuSE, openSUSE "Finally. For years, the holy grail of the Linux desktop has been to get a major computer vendor to commit to preloading a Linux desktop. It finally happened. On August 4th, we found out that Lenovo Group, the company that has taken over IBM's Personal Computing Division, had made a deal with Novell to preload SLED 10 on its ThinkPad T60p mobile workstation. For the first time, a major OEM has committed to preloading a Linux desktop."
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one step in the right direction
by RandomGuy on Sat 5th Aug 2006 13:40 UTC
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There are, however, still some things hindering linux' adoption as a desktop OS.
Mainly that's apps that don't run under WINE - found it sort of funny that the open graphics project uses software which is mostly Windows only...

Don't know if Lenovo is going to do it but I personally would like to see a custom compiled kernel.
Also keep in mind that hardware on laptops is seldomly upgraded so you would only have to support a very limited number of devices and could perhaps do without some of the tedious hardware probing that slows down the boot process...

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