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Windows In a recent podcast Steve Gibson of has drawn attention to a detailed report [.pdf] by engineers at Symantec who demonstrate that Windows Vista contains a completely virgin network stack that has been programmed from the ground up. The Symantec software engineers have monitored the behaviour of the new stack through a series of beta releases and have documented that it contains most of the basic bugs and security holes that have long since been fixed in other stacks - even the Windows 95 stack. Since it has not had a chance to mature and develop in the wild, the likelihood that it contains new, uncharted holes and errors is very high. Some have already been found. Gibson stresses that the ramifications for the security of the new stack are disastrous.
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>Of course, all that is a pissing contest I don't think is necessary.
Just a short note concerning the different approaches to education since this is really off topic:
Given the financial situation of both countries it is reasonable to suppose that American education is superior.
Comparing American to German education I'd say they're on the same level but very different. Judging from the books I've read (I'm studying physics) I would say that the American ones are a lot easier to read and give more practical knowledge and advice but in some places don't seem to have the strong theoretical roots.

Regarding the network stack:
I really hope they have rewritten or at least greatly improved it. Last time I checked I could not even download a few GB at 2-3MB/s without near 100% CPU-utilisation. 10% on linux and I did check this with different browsers before you start b*tching around ;)

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