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Windows In a recent podcast Steve Gibson of has drawn attention to a detailed report [.pdf] by engineers at Symantec who demonstrate that Windows Vista contains a completely virgin network stack that has been programmed from the ground up. The Symantec software engineers have monitored the behaviour of the new stack through a series of beta releases and have documented that it contains most of the basic bugs and security holes that have long since been fixed in other stacks - even the Windows 95 stack. Since it has not had a chance to mature and develop in the wild, the likelihood that it contains new, uncharted holes and errors is very high. Some have already been found. Gibson stresses that the ramifications for the security of the new stack are disastrous.
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Ah, thanks for the info!
I assumed this was a common usage pattern so they should have tested it thoroughly but you might be right.

Concerning the education stuff:
Well, say the USA had the worst education, they would nevertheless attract the brightest minds from all over the world if they payed more. And I'd guess it's safe to say you earn more in the US than in a country like India.

You get what you pay for.
Ok, maybe good programmers are a _bit_ cheaper in India because living is less expensive down there.

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