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GNU, GPL, Open Source Linus Torvalds had harsh comments about the committees organized by the Free Software Foundation to help it draft version 3 of the GNU Public License. However, so far as NewsForge can determine, none of those actually involved in the process agree with Torvalds' assessment that the FSF isn't listening to feedback.
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RE[2]: Urghhh..........
by pepa on Mon 7th Aug 2006 02:11 UTC in reply to "RE: Urghhh.........."
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Linus' point is that the market should decide to reject uber-restrictive devices, not a software license.

But those devices run GPLed software, where you can examine the source, but you can never run a modified version on that device. The code that is 'contributed back' might be useless anyway on another device. So it is a loophole that will take away some of your freedoms that the GPL is hoping to protect.

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