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RISC OS One of the strengths of RISC OS is the ability for people to drag'n'drop objects around the desktop. It's usually hard to describe how well this works, but other operating systems are rapidly catching up. While RISC OS still arguably has the edge, Drobe spoke to a number of professionals who rely on the drag'n'drop in RISC OS.
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RE[2]: mac os
by NeoX on Mon 7th Aug 2006 03:23 UTC in reply to "RE: mac os"
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Good Drag and drop? Yes. Awesome drag and drop? Maybe, depends on how and who.

As for cutting files, dragging and dropping them moves them. If you want to copy or make an alias instead, hold down a modifier key. As for having two windows open, you really don't need to if you learn the ins and outs of spring loaded folders. One thing I do miss from the OS 8/9 days is tabbed folders that would pop open when dragging something over the tab. I would love it if they put something like that into Leopard.

Further good examples of Mac OS Drag and drop is with pictures and such, or even a frame from a movie. Drag and drop it to any app that supports it or to the desktop.


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