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GNU, GPL, Open Source Linus Torvalds had harsh comments about the committees organized by the Free Software Foundation to help it draft version 3 of the GNU Public License. However, so far as NewsForge can determine, none of those actually involved in the process agree with Torvalds' assessment that the FSF isn't listening to feedback.
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FSF would be useless...
by mkone on Mon 7th Aug 2006 08:52 UTC
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...if they decided they were going to fight against everyone. I think it is well and good to 'fight' against the software guys, but if you fight against the hardware guys, you are going to quickly become irrelevant.

The GPL is good enough. It is very good for its intended purpose. The FSF makes the mistake of assuming that they can force big companies to 'open up everything'. If I am running a web service, I am in no way restricting the rights of users if I ask them to run the software I provided unmodified, and decide to ensure this by signing the software. The code is still out there, and they can use it with their own keys. But they can't interface with my service anymore. I am restricting their freedom in any way, since I do have the freedom to not interact with software I do not authorise.

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