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Apple At the 2006 WWDC in San Fransisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced several new products during his opening keynote speech. Read more for a chronological summary of the keynote-- including the much-debated preview of Mac OS 10.5, Leopard, which, according to Steve Jobs, will ship this spring. Update: Apparantly, a similar feature to Time Machine already exists in Linux. It is called 'Dervish'.
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by cchance on Mon 7th Aug 2006 18:54 UTC
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This was the biggest waste of time ive ever seen... there adding a bunch of old windows features with some polish on them... i mean give me a break the most interesting thing at the conference was the iChat backgrounds... i mean give me a break the mail now has themes for the messages... WOW go figure doesnt incredimale and even i believe outlook do that?

Time Machine... you mean like... previous versions in vista, xp , 2003 LOL

active desktop.. hmm never heard of that before
And ... Virtual Desktops... OH MY GOD could we go more old school thats so windows 95... microsoft later discovered that ...

more screens > more virtual screens

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