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Linspire Three weeks ahead of schedule, version 1.0 of Freespire, the no-cost community version of Linspire, is now available from the project's website. You can download a completely open source version, or a version that includes various proprietary codecs and drivers for an improved out-the-box experience. Screenshots.
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RE: What the interest ?
by deanlinkous on Tue 8th Aug 2006 19:23 UTC in reply to "What the interest ?"
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Yes, that is a sore point and one that will hopefully be fixed soon. I am thinking about creating a package or possibly a repo for some ported packages so anyone who wants them can update, hopefully without breakage.

I have updated my OSS edition of freespire to 3.5.0 and that is about as new as I can get without ripping out important parts. As stated, it isn't perfect or anywhere near it but it is a good step down the proper path IMO.

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