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Mac OS X Paul Thurrot, everybody's favourite Microsoft Apple Microsoft zealot, writes on his webpage: "It's funny. Apple calls Microsoft a copy-cat, and yet, I feel like I've seen some of these features somewhere before. Many of the features, however, are just sad. Is this really the best they had to show off right now?" El Reg agrees with him, saying: "On the basis of the evidence so far the sixth release of Mac OS X is, to put it bluntly, a point release." Update by ELQ: A related editorial by Wired.
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iChat Screen Share
by Cramit on Tue 8th Aug 2006 20:38 UTC
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Why is nobody talking about Screen Share in iChat? This seems like on of the coolest features ever and will make the upgrade worth it for me personally. Screen Share is a feature where you can share a Mac OS X desktop so that two buddies can work collaboratively on a project from anywhere.

I was especially surprised that Jobs didn't talk about it in the keynote.

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