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Mac OS X According to the guys at, some intrepid individuals have been able to get OS X running on generic hardware. There is a full explaination and some details on the site.
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RE: Hyprocritical.
by r_a_trip on Sun 7th Aug 2005 20:44 UTC in reply to "Hyprocritical."
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Secondly, a lot of these so-called "freedom" boys will be the first to squeal if someone violates the GPL-- don't you people understand that the GPL is in itself a license just like the license Apple is giving you? What gives you the right to break Apple's license on one side, and throw a fit when someone violates the GPL? That's blatant hippocracy! Someone care to elaborate?

I'd rather not, but the way you pose it, I have to. You are confusing Free Software users with the rif-raf that has invaded our movement lately. The mongrels who are looking for a free lunch without responsibility, but who are not shy of making crazy demands like make GNU/Linux work like Windows.

Don't try to shove the "piracy-label" into the faces of us Free Software adherants. We are quite content to have Apple have their little x86 play, because we are not missing out on anything but their restrictively licensed, treacherous computing enabled OS.

Who said Aqua is the epitome of Desktop interfaces? I believe it was the Apple "marketing department" comprised of its userbase. I'm very happy either running Gnome or KDE (and not panic stricken if it is one of the smaller DE's)

Do you really think we need an illegal Apple OS to run on our pure x86 boxen? No Sir, GNU/Linux all the way. (Maybe HURD/L4 in the future).

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