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Windows "Microsoft has reached an enormous success with its Windows product during the last decade and practically monopolized the market for home computer operating systems. But, does it mean Windows is still the best OS around, especially for power users? I'm going to cumulate my Windows XP frustrations and tell you about the top 10 reasons why I decided to dump Windows and use GNU/Linux as my primary desktop OS."
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RE[3]: I like it
by pandronic on Wed 9th Aug 2006 13:19 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I like it"
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It is getting so that only a company or a computer store can install Windows "uncorrupted" these days.

Well, they should be installing an OS anyway, or at least someone who knows what he/she's doing. Do you see grandma firing up the partitioner and whiping up partitions?

The use of a software repository is, of course to allow one to search amongst ~20,000 packages in one place for whatever one wants, then click "Select for Installation" and "Apply" to install software, and not what one has to do for Windows ... search all over the net for hours for what one wants, try to figure out if it is time-limited, adware or worse spyware, hope like hell it isn't a Trojan, keylogger or virus, download it somewhere, try to find out where it was saved, then click Next, Next .... Registration Key, agree to give away your first born, re-enter registration key, call support, wait through hours of elevator music ... etc, etc, etc.

Really? You could download your applications from a website like, or you could search for a couple of reviews. I bet you would be finished before, grandma figured how to install the latest version of gcc needed to compile that elusive application she didn't find in the repository. But what if, God forbid, there isn't such an application for Linux and she has to use it via Wine? ... the horror, the horror.

download it somewhere, try to find out where it was saved

That is really lame ... how is downloading different in Linux?

So? Likewise for Linux installs, likewise for OSX. The telling thing here is that you seem to see the need to even say that.

I said that because the author said Windows crashed every few weeks. RTA

And so do I, with Linux. I have the equivalent of all that ***out of the box** in under an hour from a new pristine hard disk and a Linux install DVD, instead of paying $$$$$ for all the additional applications and taking over a week to get it all set up.

You are really living in a little fantasy world of your own. Maybe not all of us are Linux experts, but I sure do know a lot of people who are not Windows experts that can install all those in an hour.

What about Photoshop? What are you running? Photoshop 7? Be sure not to breathe, cause it might crash.

Indeed, it is perfectly easy to go the other extreme if you lie about what Linux is like.

Yes Linux is almighty, a paradigm of user-friendliness and functionality.

I rest my case.

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