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Mac OS X Paul Thurrot, everybody's favourite Microsoft Apple Microsoft zealot, writes on his webpage: "It's funny. Apple calls Microsoft a copy-cat, and yet, I feel like I've seen some of these features somewhere before. Many of the features, however, are just sad. Is this really the best they had to show off right now?" El Reg agrees with him, saying: "On the basis of the evidence so far the sixth release of Mac OS X is, to put it bluntly, a point release." Update by ELQ: A related editorial by Wired.
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Apple will never beat Microsoft. MS is inexpensive. Apple is expensive

You do realize how ridiculous this sounds don't you? So if a company is cheaper they are the winner? If that is the case then how come Hyundai or Kia are not the top selling car maker beating Toyota and Ford?

Let's look at costs for full Retail versions of Windows and OS X.

Windows Home Full Version $199
Windows Pro Full Version: $299

Mac OS X Full Version $129. You would really need to buy XP Pro to get similar features.

In case you didn't see the comparison in price between a similar configured Dell Quad Core Workstation versus the Mac Pro, the Mac Pro was actually cheaper.

MS has like a 90%+ market share so of course Apple is never going to overtake that. But what about brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, Apple surely wins in this department as even Windows users feel the need to slam MS constantly.

Personally I like products from both companies. I like XP and Server 2k3, I have the beta version of Vista and it has promise for sure. I also use OSX and it is a joy to use, especially when I do web development and can create my own testing server just by enabling a few lines in a config file, to enable SMTP and PHP and turning on Apache.

As for copying, they both do that. Widgets? iTunes? Vistas UI? Windows Calendar?



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