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Debian and its clones Lars Wirzenius wondered how usable Debian with GNOME is for the uninitiated, or more specifically, for someone who has been using Windows for a number of years, and switches to Debian. The experiment will continue for a couple of months. The first use went pretty well, with only a couple of real problems which he outlined.
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RE: In case you didn't know
by RandomGuy on Wed 9th Aug 2006 17:26 UTC in reply to "In case you didn't know"
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>The article will be much more interesting later on.

Hope so, although I'm afraid she might not be able to appreciate the power of the shell after such a short period (took me about a year to find it really useful).

On the surface Windows and Linux are pretty much the same.
She will notice the difference if she goes back to Windows and her computer gets pwned ;)

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