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AMD AMD is strongly considering open-sourcing at least a functional subset of ATI's graphics drivers. It's time for X Window System, OpenGL, and client virtualization for which ATI binary drivers aren't available to escape the ghetto of the 1980s-era framebuffer. And what a boon for PR. If AMD's graphics cards were the only ones with open device drivers, it might affect a buying decision or two.
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When I was choosing my laptop, I wanted to have fully working, open source drivers for my hardware. So I bought one with Intel 915 graphics card. But AMD's chipsets are faster and if only I had opportunity to have drivers for it running out of the box on every linux distro I can imagine, I would by one without a doubt. In fact s I _will_ buy AMD/ATI graphics card if they open source their drivers. The market will choose... but _we_ are the part of the market - remember that AMD!

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