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Windows "Apple has touted itself as the innovator in OS software; it has suggested that all the new additions in Windows Vista already exist in the most recent Mac OS X, Tiger. Microsoft might take issue with that, but there's no denying that it has struggled somewhat with Vista, which has had features cut and seen a series of delays. To find out what people on the street make of it, we asked our Vista Views panel, made up of ordinary readers, this question: Which feature in Leopard would you like to see in Vista?"
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RE: wow... Just wow!
by markus on Wed 9th Aug 2006 22:53 UTC in reply to "wow... Just wow!"
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Well the only thing on what I agree with you is about the I.Q...

Leopard is more flash than reality.

I don't think that release dates between Vista and Leopard are going to be that different, for all developers at WWDC Leopard is very real.

The reason why it is faster than the betas is that there wasn't really any work done.

Actually I am attending WWDC and cannot speak about details because of the signed NDA but I can safely say that what have been shown at the keynote are only some applications that use some new capabilities of 10.5 but not the underlying architectural changes which are immense.

The only thing Microsoft could learn from Leopard is to make everything flashy and graphical and that is about it.

Well it seems that Microsoft is already copying the GUI stuff (see calendar), but they could learn about clean system design, search technologies (since their new filesystem did not come along), security and embracing open standards (PDF) instead of reinventing the wheel.

Windows Vista is almost a complete re-write other than the Kernal. Leopard is a small upgrade and nothing more.

Calling Leopard a small upgrade is just wrong. I believe you will agree when more specs are made public and even new features are disclosed over time.

That is why I can't stand when people make stupid comments and think that all that Microsoft did was put a new interface on and that was it. Stupid, very stupid trolls.

Sure, Vista changes more than the interface, but mostly it does thinks that other systems have done before and as far as I know multiprocessor (multicore) performance is still far away from good and security will not be as good as it should be because of compatibility concerns.

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