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Windows "Apple has touted itself as the innovator in OS software; it has suggested that all the new additions in Windows Vista already exist in the most recent Mac OS X, Tiger. Microsoft might take issue with that, but there's no denying that it has struggled somewhat with Vista, which has had features cut and seen a series of delays. To find out what people on the street make of it, we asked our Vista Views panel, made up of ordinary readers, this question: Which feature in Leopard would you like to see in Vista?"
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Just let see how will mac os will perform
by dvhh on Thu 10th Aug 2006 01:16 UTC
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with drivers as sloppy as they are in windows OS, or will we see a limited set of hardware supported by mac os and thus it won't compete at all with windows based PCs but more with the upcoming PS3 that is supposed to run linux ( any update on it after all ?).
Plus I would like "the XP and/or Vista are craps" comment to be more constructive.

However I apart for no more support from microsoft I didn't like XP either because the OS seem bloated when compared to say windows 2000 thus less secure for a "pro-windows" user because of all the "almost" useless services.

From here Vista seem a break away from previous windows NT design, by splitting more and more part from the kernel level, making the OS more stable against bad driver, but less performant on these points.

But in the end copying from mac os x seems a pretty bad idea right now as the most edgy OS right now is linux ( performance , stablity , security , redundancy ).

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