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Mac OS X Paul Thurrot, everybody's favourite Microsoft Apple Microsoft zealot, writes on his webpage: "It's funny. Apple calls Microsoft a copy-cat, and yet, I feel like I've seen some of these features somewhere before. Many of the features, however, are just sad. Is this really the best they had to show off right now?" El Reg agrees with him, saying: "On the basis of the evidence so far the sixth release of Mac OS X is, to put it bluntly, a point release." Update by ELQ: A related editorial by Wired.
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Even if you buy a mac you don't get Quicktime Pro? So you can't watch videos fullscreen?

Sure you can, just not in QuickTime Player. You can use vlc or some other media player that allows full screen. Heck I wrote a RB app with all of about 10 lines of code that allows me to watch quicktimes full screen. This is only a limitation for the player itself, not the QT format. The Pro version of QT enables things for the Player, the backend formats and what not, are the same.



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