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PC-BSD Kris Moore has been working hard designing the next system installer for PC-BSD 1.3 due next month. Some of the nice features include selection between desktop, laptop or server. This installer will use KDE's Plastik theme. Full list of features can be found here and Kris' blog entry with screenshots here.
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A fine OS
by jbalmer on Thu 10th Aug 2006 05:01 UTC
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PCBSD is doing what FreeBSD couldn't do or didn't feel excited about BSD on the desktop. I think BSD is a fine operating system to be confined to just the servers. And projects like PCBSD can go a long way in bringing BSD to the desktop by simplifying the install process, adding the latest packages to their repository (I don't like to be stuck with KDE 3.0 when some linux users are using ver 3.5.4).

I have always wondered... Unix has its strength in its robust kernel which has seen more man years of development than Linux has ever seen but Linux leads the race in the sheer amount of applications that are developed for it.

So why not combine both these strengths and create an OS which has the unix kernel and all the latest linux applications ? I think on this note PCBSD is on the right path. Another one I am excited about is Nexenta which has the solaris kernel and the GNU applications but it has a long way to catch up with PCBSD.

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