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GNU, GPL, Open Source "With the recent release of the second draft of the GNU General Public License version 3, digital rights management is back in the news. The new draft may raise concerns about the rewording of section 3 of the license, which deals with DRM. The Free Software Foundation dislikes the term "digital rights management" and instead choose to call it digital "restrictions" management. But many people don't understand the implications of DRM on free software like Linux."
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Tivo issues
by mkone on Thu 10th Aug 2006 07:19 UTC
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From and I quote The problem is that TiVO contains a special mechanism that shuts down the machine if the user attempts to install modified software. Therefore the user is allowed to modify the code but is prevented from in reality from using these modifications in the embedded application of the TiVO. This makes freedom 1 into a sham."

If you replace software on a Tivo box, and I can't see this being impossible, perhaps very hard though, then you just replace all Tivo's keys with your keys, but you may not be able to access their service. That is them enforcing your 'contract' with them. If you try replace only parts of it whilst trying to pass off your box as a Tivo, then they wont let you. Either run all their software, or run all of your own. You would lose the same functionality either way. But you don't have a right to pass of your modified Tivo as an original Tivo

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