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PC-BSD Kris Moore has been working hard designing the next system installer for PC-BSD 1.3 due next month. Some of the nice features include selection between desktop, laptop or server. This installer will use KDE's Plastik theme. Full list of features can be found here and Kris' blog entry with screenshots here.
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More to come
by antik on Thu 10th Aug 2006 09:31 UTC
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1) Xorg card detection for refresh rate and setting up resolution and colour depth.

2) Softraid support in installer.
3) Set multiple partitions for PC-BSD by default
like: /boot/, /etc/, /usr/, /home/.
"/boot/" and "/rescue/" partitions would be read-only and mounted r/w only when needed.
4) Swap partition would be resizable and calculated by installer based on installed RAM size. If computer got multiple hard drives then possibility to set up multiple SWAP spaces.
5) Language files would be available also via Internet download in installer.
6) Set "handsfree installation" config from networked server, USB or floppy disk (set up from XML file data: disk(s), user(s), language(s), keyboard(s) and auto-installed PBIs).
7) Swap space encryption.
8) Maybe even gjournaling filesystem support in upcoming release.

But why post installer features from forums that is nearly a year old for now. And major change compared to previous installer is that new one is ramdisk based- now we can change cd-s without rebooting. I see network install feature coming.

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