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PC-BSD OSWeekly reviews PC-BSD, and concludes: "From PC-BSD's roadmap to their default installation, I honestly feel good about where these guys are headed with their take on FreeBSD. This operating system has it all: support both from the professional level as well as that of the community, the ability to install Linux software, thanks to the binary compatibility layer, and of course - speed."
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Opposition is true friendship...
by orfanum on Thu 10th Aug 2006 16:18 UTC
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I will run the risk of being blatently fanboyish about PC-BSD.

It's quick once in, I can install it easily, it's visually pleasant and appealing throughout to me and with pbi's I can have a productive (note the word, boyos) system up in about (from recollection) 30-40 minutes.

I take note of the critical comments (or comments offering a critique) and don't dispute them as such, which is why I say, at this stage, opposition is true friendship because taking these comments in the right way will only lead to further improvement.

Without wanting to start (or restart, out of sheer ignorance) any fights, I just hope that the seeming bad blood between PC-BSD and Desktop BSD is transmuted into the sort of greater mutuality that posts elsewhere on OSNews today have mentioned in respect of Ubuntu and Debian. I am an emotional sort of person and believe it or not, this sort of stuff does matter to me.

Anyway, I am happy that PC-BSD is around, please keep it up!

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