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Java This is the first release that has a full graphics 2D implemenation based on Cairo enabled by default. This enables the use of applications like JEdit, FlickrBackup and JFreeChart out of the box. See Screenshots of CairoGraphics2D in action. Also new in this release is the inclusion of an applet viewer and plugin that can be embedded in webbrowsers or other applications. It works on any platform supported by the various runtimes based on GNU Classpath, including 64 bit architectures. Lots more improvements, like better gnome integration, are mentioned in the release announcement.
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And I'll exlain. If VERY good free implementations of Java arise from the OSS world, eventually they could become the standard. For instance, if all the apps I currently am developing could be built and run using GCJ/CLasspath, then I wouldn't need Java. If all the major software ran on a free alternative, why would anyone use the closed-source java. If we ever get to that point, then I agree that opening Java would do not good for Sun or anyone, because it would have become _insignificant_. Thus, Sun should open Java _now_, when it is the best game in town. If that were to happen, I do not see why anyone would use very imperfect imitations like GCJ/Classpath. Only research projects who wanted to implement some personl extenstion to Java perhaps. Rememver, if Sun opens Java, they still have the exclusive right to call it Java. Other would be creating forks, which I for one would not be interested in using.

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