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Windows "Whether you ever plan on upgrading to Windows Vista or not, one thing is clear: Its impact on the world of PC hardware will be huge. We've written about how to build a Windows Vista system. This time we're not talking about building a Vista system today, but rather, about what new types of hardware Windows Vista will spawn. We'll also consider how this new generation of hardware will affect your future buying decisions."
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RE: Do anybody know...
by elektrik on Thu 10th Aug 2006 18:57 UTC in reply to "Do anybody know..."
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now you're just being silly.

Even if XP drivers won't work with Vista, it does not mean for a moment that ReactOS would no longer be useful.

Besides the fact that ReactOS' aim is a clone of XP, I'd imagine that they could probably tweak ReactOS to be 64-bit as well...

If you're referring to where the article made some goofy point of saying that 32-bit processing will die.....Right, and the thousands and THOUSANDS of programs build for XP/9x will no longer immediatly be used (or immediately after releasing Vista) then I think there's still some swamp land in Florida available....interested?

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