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Apple Ars does its usual thorough stuff on the new Mac Pro. According to Ars: "The interior layout is a big win for Apple. Four drive bays is adequate for a pro tower, and the fact that each drive is on its own bus is a smart design decision. It's also great having room for a second optical drive. In terms of performance, it's good news - with a caveat. While the fully-buffered memory, the screaming-fast Xeon 5150s, and the 1333MHz FSB are all great, Apple's video card choice is most definitely not. It doesn't fit, and it detracts from the overall experience. Despite that, the Mac Pro is a very solid graphics or video editing workstation. When all the major 'pro' applications have made the transition to Universal Binaries, the PowerPC years will be little more than a memory."
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RE[2]: Nice system, but...
by grrr on Fri 11th Aug 2006 18:18 UTC in reply to "RE: Nice system, but..."
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It is only risc if it has a lot more general purpose registers than a x86 it must have 3 register operand instuctions and load and store instuctions must be separate from the rest that is what i remember anyway. I still think risk is the smart way but i am not a expert just a avarage geek. I like that apple was as stuborn as me in sticking with risc against all that x86 ... it feels like they have given up the good fight somehow.

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