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IBM IBM has today presented various new versions of their G5 processor at the Power Everywhere Forum in Japan. Firstly, it introduced the much-anticipated PowerPC 970MP, the dual-core version of the G5. In addition, they also announced 3 low-power G5s, ranging from 1.2Ghz at 13W to 1.6Ghz at 16W. These processors will most likely find their way into Apple's Macs.
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by rayiner on Fri 8th Jul 2005 20:38 UTC in reply to "p m"
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so what is it? right it is the 2mbyte l2 cache.

Yep, the 2MB of very low latency L2 cache.

the itanium 2 is not boundet to 32 bit fixed lenght instructions.

Itanium's instruction format is even more cumbersome and cache-hostile than a RISC's!

i don't say ppc is a slow architekture, i like ppc, but its time to extend the architekture with direct 64 bit instruction (like i said at #76 i don't know if the instruction groups of the power4/ppc970 slow the processors down, but i think they will be faster with direct 64 bit instruction loading.

I don't think you really understand the concept of a 64-bit instruction. 64-bit instructions are 64-bit because they operate on 64-bit operands, not because they are 64-bits in length. Generally, the only constraints 32-bit instructions pose for 64-bit code is the inability to load 64-bit immediates with a single instruction. Generally, code doesn't do this nearly enough for it to be a significant bottleneck.

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