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Mono Project Sam of Port25 sits down with Miguel de Icaza, VP Development Platform at Novell and co-founder of Ximian. In this interview Sam and Miguel talk about the history behind Mono, the current state of the project and Miguel's thoughts on Mono as it relates to .NET.
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RE[2]: Mono
by ebasconp on Sat 12th Aug 2006 01:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Mono"
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"Nice try, but "mono" actually means "monkey".".

You're right, but the bad translation is because my bad English: actually I'm an hispanoparlante (Spanish native speaker) ;)

Kudos to Miguel, of course! that's a fantastic job, things like Gtk# or support for the System.Windows.Forms are really amazing! But the point to me is that the people programming in Unix-like OSes, generally works against the BEAST (MS) and if the people starts developing software using Mono, they will work agains the BEAST with tools provided by the beast.

Do you realize my point?

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