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.NET (dotGNU too) "Four short years ago, Microsoft unveiled its new framework/engine for programming and running applications in a virtual environment, and the world was stunned. Microsoft had introduced a run-time environment that was for the first time a true 'write once, run everywhere' implementation, but that was far from being the end. With .NET 3.0 on the loom, NeoSmart Technologies takes a look at how far .NET has come and just how long it can keep going."
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C# is more aking to...
by shotsman on Sat 12th Aug 2006 06:04 UTC
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Delphi rather than Java.

MS hired one of the main Delphi Architects from Borland to develop C#

IMHO, .Net is a pure pain in the ass.
I was working on a system where all the UI apps are written in .Net/C# and coded by Mumbai script monkeys.
We had lots of problems where is does not scale at all well.
Then we had some Java apps supplying the real time data to the SQL Server DB. These wiped the floor with the .Net apps in terms of performance and runtime footprint.
The customer is currently thinking long and hard about how they move forward to the next phase. There is a very real chance that .NET will be given the old heave-ho in favour of other solutions including dropping SQL Server and moving their server platform from W2K3 to Unix
So, how exactly is .NET taking over the world?

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