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3D News, GL, DirectX Statement by ATI: "For other markets, such as workstation and consumer, performance and feature differentiation are key metrics. Proprietary, patented optimizations are part of the value we provide to our customers and we have no plans to release these drivers to open source. In addition, multimedia elements such as content protection must not, by their very nature, be allowed to go open source."
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by sobkas on Sun 13th Aug 2006 02:20 UTC in reply to "WHAT?"
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"Or my next computer should contain Intel chipset with open source drivers?"

This drivers are only partially open source. Because "Intel can't publish in source form,
like Macrovision register stuff and other trade secrets".
I might be cynical but "Other trade secrets" are strangely similar to DRM.

Of course "It's optional,
so if you don't want to use a binary module, you don't get to use code
written by Intel agents for these features".

It is nice that it is optional but what features needs this blob and if it gonna change in future(3D support)? So after good coverage in press it is clear that their drivers are not so open. As usual.

Support for Macrovision ? It should die long ago.
I wish it don't turn into unmaintained blob like mga HAL.

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