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3D News, GL, DirectX Statement by ATI: "For other markets, such as workstation and consumer, performance and feature differentiation are key metrics. Proprietary, patented optimizations are part of the value we provide to our customers and we have no plans to release these drivers to open source. In addition, multimedia elements such as content protection must not, by their very nature, be allowed to go open source."
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[Without DRM, linux won't be a strong contenter on the home desktop.

yeah, coz everyone knows that your computer will break and not let you do anything without DRM installed.....

Windows users are full of mad dogs shite and they are going to bend over and take it.... as usual]

Well, today most users pay their internet access and the DSL modem/cable modem boxes are part of the access management scheme. In the future, DRM will be sort of like what DSL/cable modem boxes are today for the internet access, only it's for the content access in the future.

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