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3D News, GL, DirectX Statement by ATI: "For other markets, such as workstation and consumer, performance and feature differentiation are key metrics. Proprietary, patented optimizations are part of the value we provide to our customers and we have no plans to release these drivers to open source. In addition, multimedia elements such as content protection must not, by their very nature, be allowed to go open source."
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Big OS mistake
by vtolkov on Sun 13th Aug 2006 04:17 UTC
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Big mistake, but Linux's one, not ATI's. OS world should reconsider it's driver strategy. Making driver internal and declaring driver to be derived from Linux does not allow to have normal drivers. Without drivers OSs are just students' toys, as it used to be for a few decades. Everyone seems to be happy with this position.

API is a point of integration for both drivers and applications. Using documented API should not mean to be derived.

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