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Intel The driver source code released for the Intel 965 Graphics chipset recently isn't as open as first thought. Keith Packard posted a reply on the linux-kernel mailing list detailing what parts were not available.
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Kudos Eugenia
by jacquouille on Sun 13th Aug 2006 08:53 UTC
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EDIT : whoops, this is submitted by Binarycrusader -- so Kudos Binarycrusader!

Nice journalism job -- it's really great to be notified of such important postings in developer mailing lists, as it's a tedious job to read them all.

Back to the topic, I still have high hopes for this free Intel driver, though the binary blob is disappointing. After all, that's still much better than what ATI and Nvidia are currently doing. I guess Intel is bound by some nasty NDAs, but with people like Keith working there, I am still quite confident in their good will.

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