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Hardware, Embedded Systems A start-up called Movidis believes a 16-core chip originally designed for networking gear will be a ticket to success in the Linux server market. The Revolution x16 models from Movidis each use a single 500MHz or 600MHz Cavium Networks Octeon CN3860 chip.
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16 cores whatever
by jimmystewpot on Mon 14th Aug 2006 08:53 UTC
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The real benefit here is for applications like serving web pages where often there has to be a thread/process forked to run a particular application. In these types of jobs the more cores really starts to count. in many cases if you look at a Sun T2000 vs an intel or opteron based server the overall throughput in serving pages is brilliant, take that with the low power usage of the system and it becomes a very good value server. I know of several large web sites which have moved from Dual core XEON servers over to Sun T2000s and halved the rackspace they required to drive the service while still maintaining the quality of service they required while cutting the power costs. Now that the company has more rackspace to play with they can expand much more effectively. In theory if they have 16 good cores with a nice bus design they can really make inroads into the architecture agnostic environments where just serving web/data/images/porn is important at a good price point.

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