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Games Microsoft's XNA Game Studio Express targetting the XBOX 360 will democratize game development by delivering the necessary tools to hobbyists, students, indie developers and studios alike to help them bring their creative game ideas to life while nurturing game development talent, collaboration and sharing that will benefit the entire industry.
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god i hate stupid remarks
by cchance on Mon 14th Aug 2006 15:03 UTC
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The 99$ is the subscription to distribute and have access to the distribution network... the XNA BSE IS FREE ... god i hate microsoft haters... they have no idea what their talking about they just stick to it and bi*ch that microsoft sucks....

You can develop for free but distribution costs money simple as that... plus you can renew/cancel as you seem fit.

Also this is DIRT CHEAP even with a subscription the PS2 kit the yaroza or whatever stupid name it was called was 700+$ just for the kit to develop not FREE like the XNA BSE.

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