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Oracle and SUN Xandros, originally a revamped Corel Linux OS, provides a very stable, rock solid Linux distribution for the typical Linux newbie. Read the review at OSWeekly. TheJemReport also features an interview with some of the Xandros developer managers.
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Nice interview, interesting review
by kiz01 on Mon 14th Aug 2006 21:51 UTC
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I enjoyed the interviews. It's nice to get a perspective from the folks actually making things work.

I also enjoyed the review for the most part. I thought it interesting that he couldn't pop his email onto Xandros but whatever. I did think his conclusion was a little odd. It's a rock solid, easy to use distribution with a great gui, but he can't recommend it to new users. Umm, I'm not following. Is it because the software he likes isn't in the Xandros repositories? Depending on what a new user wants, that may not be an issue. It looks to me like an excellent start distribution. Perhaps the more "power user" types would eventually move to something else but an OS that's easy to use and easy to set up seems perfect for newbies.

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