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OSNews, Generic OSes OneStat today reported that Microsoft's Windows dominates the operating system market with a global usage share of 96.97 percent. The Mac appears to be at around 2.47% and Linux at 0.36%. Please note that OneStat bases its numbers on a large number of internet site hits and extraction from user agents.
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RE: omg
by Gone fishing on Tue 15th Aug 2006 06:30 UTC in reply to "omg"
Gone fishing
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Mmmm it a shame the statistics couldn't tell us how many of the 86.8% using XP how many were using a pirate copy. I wonder 20% ?

I'm also very happy to be one of the 7.2 million Linux users rather than one of the 21.8 million ME users.

I'm also sure as Ubuntu, Suse etc get better and better the Linux market will grow.

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